Sissy Maids

Sissy Karen at work

Sissy Maid busy dusting

Welcome to the Sissymaids Blog. In this blog I am going to explore all things sissy and the sissy fun that can be had for both sissy maids and their superiors. Sissy Maids are on the whole a very submissive bunch and with the right superior can easily be transformed into obedient, demure, hardworking gurls who can be an asset to any Mistress or Master.

Through feminization the sissy maid can really get in touch with that aspect of their psyche that longs to submit and be of service. By encouraging your sissy maid to let go of their masculine side they will find that they get real fulfillment from a life of loving obedience and service.

Chastity is crucial to the Sissy Maids Training. Through chastity they can harness their sexual energy and divert it away from their own selfish pleasures and into serving their superior. This in turn gives the sissy maid deep down satisfaction that comes from completely giving yourself to another.

Imagine ladies having someone to do all your chores for you to the your highest standards, to be at your beck and call to run errands, who will greet you when you come home with a cool drink and a foot rub, who will wake you each day with a hot steaming coffee and do any office chores for you as well.

In many circles the term sissy is a derogatory one but for the sissy maid it is something to be proud of. Too often society expects all men to be aggressive, dominant and unemotional. For the sissy maid however there is no greater freedom than being free from all the macho expectations that society throws at all boys, to be in touch with their feminine side and to be able to submit and not be the decision maker.

I hope this goes some way in helping people understand that being a sissy maid is a valid life choice and is fulfilling for bot the sissy maids and their superiors


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